Ensuring AI Safety at Scale

At PurpleSmartAI, we’re dedicated to creating generative products that enable creative expression while ensuring they’re safe for everyone. Sharing our safety practices with the community is equally as important as implementing them.

PurpleSmartAI Inference Network

A significant amount of engineering effort goes into making sure the PurpleSmartAI inference networks are as safe as possible. We manage every step of the generative process: from the beginning, when we carefully evaluate user prompts with deep domain-specific knowledge; to the end, when we classify the generated images and refine our approach based on user feedback. Throughout the entire process, we implement our most advanced safety measures, in order to ensure we are as comprehensive as possible in our efforts.

Content must be suitable for the appropriate audience, so we are continually enhancing our ability to accurately detect and categorize content based on maturity levels. This approach helps adult users to access safe content intended for them, while simultaneously protecting minors from any exposure to inappropriate material.

We are committed to continuous improvements of the framework that ensures your safety, and we will ensure deployment, testing, and validation of new safety components on our network first.

Collaboration with Third-Party Networks

We will be starting by sharing our safety tools with our partners in the near future. They will have access to our ongoing research, data, models, and the expertise we’ve developed to ensure they can achieve the same high safety standards as PurpleSmartAI. We will ensure that these (or equivalent) safety measures are in place when third-party providers use our Pony models, via our model licensing agreements. We are also committed to continuously learning from and collaborating with others in the field to keep our technology ahead of the curve.

If you are interested in being part of our third-party network and providing Pony models, please contact us at [email protected].

Challenges of Local Usage

We understand that using our models locally comes with its own set of challenges. We are aware that some types of content, which we neither provide directly nor endorse for third parties, might be argued as acceptable in certain local contexts. However, we will always and consistently be very careful to evaluate and constrain our models, most particularly in highly sensitive areas like child safety and deep fake prevention.

To Our Partners

We invite researchers and companies to join us in our safety efforts and share their expertise to help shape the future of generative technology. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected].

To Our Beloved Community

We value and encourage your active participation in this discussion. We want to hear your concerns, learn from you, and collaborate with our community. By sharing information about our efforts early on, we hope to keep everyone continuously informed and prepared for any changes that might affect our generative models. At PurpleSmartAI, our top priority is to push the boundaries of AI creativity in a safe and responsible way.