model Pony v6 XL
seed 3593061499
scale 7.5steps 25K_EULER_A[1024 x 1024]

External source

29241169bba22f8b87ce4bd6e2ddaed7 strength: 0.75


score_9, Highly detailed, dark fantasy, realistic, Storm King, Male, armor, helmet mask, helmet, completely covering face, full body, cape, brandishing storm scepter, glowing mouth and eyes, white fur, white mane, beastly satyr, solo, warlord, sneering at viewer, tail, face mask,

Negative prompt

humans, humans only, human focus, ugly, morbid, bad anatomy, bad quality, deformed, misshaped, mutated limbs, 2D, ugly, morbid, blurry, watermark, signature, watercolor, minimalistic, simple background, bad anatomy, glitch, messy colors, high contrast, bad artwork, inaccurate shadows, extra limbs, human, human focus, flaccid, bad design, bad quality, markings, inaccurate colors, incorrect colors, deformed, twisted, bad proportions, incorrect proportions, child, colt, teenager, close up, huge hands, hulking, bulky, hyper muscle, sweat, inaccurate, abstract, large head, disproportionate, unrealistic, bad proportions, outside, back view, contortionism, bad posing, badly detailed face, badly detailed anatomy, female, woman, mare, girl, 2D, short, chibi, super deformed, badly drawn, skirt, dress, white background, detached limbs, missing limbs, incorrect limbs, contorted, bent, ugly anatomy, vagina, vulva, human,

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